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Open Minds Grow Businesses


We can’t know exactly what brings you, but Savant Creative Group helps clients grow their business. It might involve marketing. It might involve web design, advertising or social media. It might mean none – or several – of the above. We navigate every relationship with an open mind.

And an open mind is all we ask of you.

You want to make your business more successful, and Savant wants to help you figure out how. Whatever that means, whatever form it takes, we want to work with you to find and tap the right resources.

Savant doesn’t claim or want to be “full-service.” Instead, we deliver a particular range of expertise – at full strength.  Honest thinking and common sense above all. We don’t take anything for granted, so if we haven’t seen or heard or tried it ourselves, we have to check it out ourselves. Why else would we expect you to trust our recommendations? Why else would you want to?

Ambrose Bierce said truth is an ingenious combination of desirability and appearance, and Savant believes that too many marketers tell this kind of truth with sad results. We believe that the 80/20 rule applies here: 80% of the truth comes from 20% of the people. We work like the devil to stay in that 20% – and to capture the other 20% of that truth.

The process begins with a discussion of your corporate goals, business model and current marketing efforts. Together we consider what you might achieve, and how we might help. As long as you’re willing to weigh the possibilities with an open mind, Savant will make it worth your while.

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We deliver a
particular range of expertise –
at full strength.

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