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Marketing Levers for
Business Growth

A tightly defined brand works like a compass to help a company follow its mission and positioning statements. Good branding organically strengthens all touch points. It begins internally by clarifying your purpose and extends outward to reinforce your identity and value among customers, partners and prospects. Branding can reach from a receptionist’s greeting to the look and placement of out-of-home media.

Advertising engages the target audience using any of a variety of constantly evolving forms and media. It tells a benefit story to customers and prospects and invites them to take advantage of offerings that fit their needs or aspirations.

Social Media
The world of social media empowers people to voice their opinions and gives businesses the opportunity to respond in human terms. Properly done, this becomes a unique resource for converting customers and prospects into brand advocates. The resulting opportunity to generate referral-driven business amounts to a kind of found gold.

Search Engine Marketing
This discipline includes a number of mechanisms, and these are just a few:
– Search Engine Optimization increases rankings for valuable keywords likely to be used by people trying to find you.
– Pay Per Click campaigns promote instant online visibility.
– Procurement secures display ad space on websites relevant to your business.

Graphic Design
Graphics can align and strengthen messaging from email formatting and collateral to signage and sales kits. They can improve image and memorability in applications stretching from trade publications to event venues.

Web Design and Development
Figuring out the depth, style and form of a website that best serves your goals can be one of the most valuable investments you make. The speed of web design evolution enables companies to make their sites consistent and useful regardless of the receiving device – from desktop to notebook to smartphone. And since 77% of the world uses mobile devices, this level of adaptability is practically an obligation.

Corporate Photography
If a picture is worth a thousand words, why not tell more persuasive stories? Well thought-out photos allow you to showcase your strengths and facilities. Likewise, good photography – including retouching and production services – allows employees from the shop floor to the executive suite to come across more naturally and convincingly.

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