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The Range of How

Savant Creative Group doesn’t waste time, effort or money – yours or ours. We're brainpower on demand, with no worries about downtime.

We work by identifying and engaging the most promising audiences for each client’s goods or services. We turn truth into benefits – to win more customers and make them strong brand advocates. It’s the best way we know to increase the bang of every marketing buck.

People choose your goods or services not just for what they do, but for how they make them feel. This emotional territory isn’t easy to stake out, but once you get customers there, they don’t want to leave.

Bruce Kersten believes principles matter. He practices the same ethics with clients that he advises them to embrace with their clients and customers. His longstanding business relationships prove that it counts.

Kersten rolls up his sleeves in working sessions. He actively participates in the boardroom. And he speaks strategy, content and ROI with ease and common sense – adding value at every point in the process.

If you haven’t looked at your business from the inside out, that’s okay, Kersten can get you started. He likes digging for truth. He likes finding a client’s uniqueness. And he likes forging the results into stronger business growth for clients. If this kind of thinking makes sense to you, get in touch. Let’s see how we can grow your business.

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We turn truth into benefits –
to win more customers
and make them strong brand advocates.

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