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Seals of Approval

Bruce Kersten’s talent and integrity speak for themselves, and after almost 12 years, it’s Savant Creative Group’s unique positioning that continues to make it so valuable. Before Savant, we were like many mid-size and small companies – with needs outside the scope of conventional ad agencies but without the need or the budget to take it in house. Savant’s approach basically makes them your outsourced marketing department, and the difference and results quickly prove their value. We don’t look at Savant and Bruce like a vendor or even a consultant. They’re just part of our team.
– Wayne Nowland, Bradley & Parker

Since I’ve been working with Savant Creative Group, Bruce Kersten has really helped us create various Social Media accounts to bring more visitors to our website. What took me years to figure out, he could do in no time at all. Bruce has been marketing for a long time, and he’s very honest about what makes sense for our company. I really appreciated it when he showed me a clear, smart breakdown of the time and money we were wasting on Google Adwords. Now we get more qualified leads, doing much better than last year, and saving the expense of Adwords.
– Debbie Rosen, Andean Treks

Israel Rose Jewelry is in the highly competitive luxury vintage jewelry market and has sold pieces to celebrities including Barbara Streisand and Stanley Tucci. We started working with Savant in 2009 to implement search engine optimization, and we now rank very highly for our most popular search terms. Savant also rolled out a comprehensive social media marketing campaign and established several new sales channels for us. We highly recommend Savant as an effective, ethical agency.
–David Cifuentes, Israel Rose Jewelry

The professionals at Savant Creative Group made an extraordinary effort to understand the needs of my high-end gardening design firm serving as our outsourced marketing and design firm. Bruce Kersten is an experienced and knowledgeable marketer and in areas that range from photography and copywriting to web design. I look forward to working with Savant for years to come.
–Roberta DiBisceglie, Columbine LLC

I would recommend Savant to anyone that wants a no BS marketer who you can trust to get the job done. I retained the marketing services of Savant Creative Group in 2011. Savant fully branded Primo Health Solutions in a classy manner reflecting my core vision and I get regular compliments on all of our identity materials. I know I’m always going to get a straight answer from Bruce.
– Mark Anthony, Primo Health Solutions

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“We don’t look at Savant and Bruce like a vendor or even a consultant.
They’re just part of our team. ”

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